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Order your pre-packaged Personal Pharmacy Kit, complete with all of your essential over-the-counter medicines.

Your Pharmacy KIT

The compact device comes packaged with a 3 Day Supply of Essential OTC Medications that sooth 95% of your common ailments.

Software & Hardware

The embedded products, apps and cloud technology lets users to passively track expirations, recalls, and more.

Automatic Refills

Simply use your Personal Pharmacy Kit and the device will recognize it's use, and refill ONLY what you use. Mailed directly to your door.

Significant Savings

We saves the average family over $200 annually in OTC expenses because they only pay for the quantities of medicines that they need.

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Technology That Makes Your Life Easier

Cloud Based

Seamless interface with our mobile devices and apps through the Cloud.

On Demand

Provides on demand delivery of a wide variety of pharmaceutical medicines.

Key Data

Stores and provides the users key information on dosing, safety, and more.

Real Time

Live updates on inventory to secure medications and limit unintended usage.


Getting the Most from Your OTC Medicine!

Available. Cost Effective. Trusted. Empowering.
Over the counter medications are the first line treatment for millions of consumers. They are also trusted by healthcare providers as safe and effective treatments for countless ailments from headaches to ankle sprains.
  • OTC Medications are AVAILABLE 24/7 providing convenient health care options for individuals, families and caregivers.
  • OTC Medications are COST EFFECTIVE treatment for consumers reducing the burden to an already strained Health System.
  • OTC Medications are TRUSTED by consumers and healthcare providers as a safe and reliable option for management of common ailments..
  • OTC Medications are EMPOWERING individuals to respond to their everyday healthcare needs without barriers to care.
Checkout all of the Over the Counter medicines included in your personal pharmacy KIT.

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